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Winning Lottery numbers for September 2023  Play album slideshow


August 1st, 2023: I just wanted to show you an example of several examples of correct Lottery predictions for the month of July of 2023 look at these dreams look at the dates and then look at the links if you wish to see very close to some of them actual  Play album slideshow


June 14th 2023 - This is without a doubt related to 2023 Titan submersible incident on June 18th 2023  Play album slideshow


this dream from March 2023 was all in Roman numbers, well I found out that these were lottery numbers for a major lottery in the same month as this dd, actually just a week later. I'm not going to tell you what lottery it was, if you're interes  Play album slideshow


A dream from 2 Feb 2023 say Cancer kills over 20,000 people in the area during the next 13 months? near Pittsburg VCM  Play album slideshow


WARNING: Lake Huron, poison, get out, billions of fish are poisoned, mercury? China bioweapons test, in the water, 3016192833 says a dream from 2/7/23 On February 16th 2023 this news story hit Lake Huron, poison, get out, billions of fish are poisoned  Play album slideshow


A dream from 2 8 23 says Lake Huron, poison, get out, billions of fish are poisoned mercury China bioweapons test in the water 3016192833 3 days later it happened!  Play album slideshow


Train derailment, Evacuation order issued near train derailment site in Ohio on 2/6/23, look at this dream from February 2nd, 2023, specifically the numbers on this dream.  Play album slideshow


These lottery dreams from the first week of 2023 either hit or came very close look for youself and play using my the numbers for February of 2023  Play album slideshow


Here is another lottery dream that hit and almost no one including myself caught it - it was on November 23rd 2022 and was for the USA Powerball lottery  Play album slideshow


A dream from November 21st, 2022 almost predicted all the numbers in the PowerBall Lottery draw on November 26th 2022 - look at the numbers, AGAIN! AMAZING, this new lucid way of predicting numbers seems to be working MUCH BETTER now  Play album slideshow


11-29-22 Missing child Aspen Jeter may be located here as this dream from November 20th may be related, also note this dream was from before the child was reported missing...I think.  Play album slideshow


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