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Miya Marcano and Jennifer Kesse missing woman located - it seems Armando Caballe killed himself today 9-27-21  Play album slideshow


15-year-old charged in Friday, September 3rd, 2021 shooting - a dream from August 31st, 2021 dream seems to be related - the numbers at the bottom turn out to be the phone number of a business right next to the shooting.  Play album slideshow


It happened again, this time all I'm going to say is check the EuroMillions lottery results for the week of September 22nd 2021 and then look at this dream!! almost perfect this time!  Play album slideshow


Remains Found in Wyoming Match Description of Missing Woman Gabrielle Petito - this was a news story on September 19th, 2021 - these dreams from a week earlier show the exact location where her body will be found - the other dreams are where Brian Laundri  Play album slideshow


This is truly amazing if you have ever played the EuroMillions Lottery!!! Look closely at this dream from September 6th, 2021...and thats all I'm going to say this time...believe it or not!  Play album slideshow


Missing Leila Bellamy opened 8-13-2021 possibly located in September 2021 - the case seems to be correct so I have been told by a person in the area  Play album slideshow


A dream from August 29th 2021 says - 5 8 4 0 6 7 - 3 more days - Florida Pick 5 -almost the same numbers as another dream from last night!  Play album slideshow


8-27-2021 Was informed there are still Woolworths in Australia and these seem to be winning Australian Lottery numbers!!  Play album slideshow


Starting in a few days and lasting 21 days, an earthquake swarm will happen at this location ending with a magnitude 8.2 quake that will cause a tsunami that almost destroys the west coast of Africa, the east coast of South America, and the coast of USA  Play album slideshow


August 19th 2021 Cedar Point ride where a woman was critically injured to remain closed until 2022 - this dream from July 19th 2021 says it all.  Play album slideshow


8-21-2021 This earthquake prediction from a few weeks ago seems to be coming true...time will tell. DANGER - WARNING  Play album slideshow


Bill Gates gets a divorce from his wife, 2021 Her name is Robbie Yorkis and his wife does not know he is going to do this - BTY these are the exact words from this dream...from 2005!  Play album slideshow


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