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Latest Missing Person Video for christian-taylor-ferguson

Latest Missing Person Photos for Missing Christian Taylor Ferguson

Christian, circa 2003; Age progression forensics photo to age 25 (circa 2018); Dawan Ferguson, circa 2003; Dawan Ferguson in 2019; Theda Ferguson Thomas (now called Theda Person)

Missing Since 06/11/2003

Missing From St. Louis, Missouri

Classification Endangered Missing

Sex Male

Race Black

Date of Birth Used 10/09/1993 (27)

Age 9 years old

Height and Weight 4'0, 75 pounds

Clothing/Jewelry Description A diaper and a red and blue blanket.

Distinguishing Characteristics African-American male. Black hair, brown eyes. Christian had a short afro hairstyle at the time of his 2003 disappearance. His nickname is Chris. He has an extremely thin, frail build and he drools frequently.

Details of Disappearance
Christian was last seen by his father, Dawan T. Ferguson, in St. Louis, Missouri on June 11, 2003. Photographs of Dawan are posted with this case summary. Between 6:00 and 6:30 a.m., he called the police to say that someone had driven off in his 1999 Ford Expedition SUV.

He said the car had been stolen after he got out of it, leaving the keys in the ignition, to place a phone call to Christian's doctor at a phone booth at Skinker and Page. Dawan had been driving Christian to the hospital at the time, and the boy was in the backseat of the vehicle when it was stolen.

The SUV was located unlocked and abandoned two hours later, at 8:00 a.m., about five miles from where it was taken, at a cul-de-sac where Ronbar Lane dead-ends at railroad tracks in the city of Ferguson, Missouri.

Authorities stated Dawan refused to take a polygraph test and there have been inconsistencies in his story. He ceased cooperating with police early on in the investigation and has hired his own private investigators.

Within two weeks of Christian's disappearance, he and his family moved out of their rental home, and investigators he hired took a lot of things away from the residence. His home has been searched twice for evidence relating to the child's case. Among other things, they found urine-stained clothes and bedding. Christian's bed had a large liquid stain that had soaked through the mattress and dripped on the floor.

Dawan was employed as a bounty hunter, locating and capturing fugitives for bail bondsmen, in 2003. He had a cellular phone in his possession on the morning of June 11, so it's unclear why he would have had to use a pay phone.

A local man who walked past the phone booth every day on his way to work said he passed the booth at 6:00 a.m. and saw an African-American man use the phone, but he didn't see an SUV in the vicinity. He identified Dawan from a photo lineup as the man he had seen.

A resident of Ronbar Lane said she saw the SUV parked there at 6:00 a.m, around the time Dawan says it was stolen. This account has not been confirmed. In addition, a television news tape revealed that a car belonging to a close friend of Dawan's was parked at Skinker and Page shortly after Dawan reported the car theft. That same friend lives just blocks from where the SUV was later recovered.

Christian's mother, Theda, married Dawan in February 1994, four months after Christian was born. A photograph of Theda is posted with this case summary. She gave birth to a healthy son, Connor, eight months after the wedding. The couple separated in October 1997 and their marriage was annulled a year later. Dawan and Theda both accused each other of neglecting Christian's medical needs, among other things, during the ensuing custody battle.

The state of Missouri provided home health care nurses for Christian after he became disabled in 2001. The nurses took over almost all aspects of his care, including feeding him, until mid-March 2003. After that, the state canceled the family's nursing benefits because Dawan hadn't enrolled Christian in school.

Some of the family's nurses believed Christian was neglected; they stated his stepmother, Monica, wanted nothing to do with him, he wasn't adequately fed, and sometimes he didn't get his diapers changed for days at a time.

Throughout Christian's life, Dawan missed doctor's appointments and was inconsistent about giving his son his medicine. Christian had to be hospitalized at least twice as a result. In one incident, in 2000, he claimed he was unable to fill Christian's prescriptions because the pharmacy had run out of the medications. This story turned out to be untrue. Christian's nurses noted that Dawan often failed to replenish the boy's stock of medication when they told him it was low; two of them started buying Christian's medicine themselves because Dawan wouldn't do it.

After Christian's disappearance, authorities discovered the child had probably been chronically undermedicated for at least several months prior to his reported abduction. Investigators located many full prescription bottles which should have been used up. The last time anyone ordered Christian's medications from the pharmacy was in late April 2003, six weeks prior to his disappearance, and the medicine was never picked up.

Theda was still fighting for custody of Christian and Connor at the time of Christian's disappearance. She had been forbidden by a judge to see them except during specific visiting times, and she hadn't seen Christian for three months before he vanished because Dawan had missed two scheduled visits.

The last time Theda had a visit with Christian and Connor was in March 2003, a little over a week after Christian's nursing care stopped. She noticed both boys were unkempt and dirty. Christian had a diaper rash and he had lost weight. He also smelled of ammonia and was unusually clumsy, indications at he was experiencing a citrullinemia episode, so she took him to the hospital for treatment. Dawan picked up Christian after his release from the hospital and took him home. Theda never saw her oldest son again.

In April 2003, Theda again filed for custody of Christian and Connor. Dawan refused to let her see them. On June 9, two days before Christian's disappearance, a judge ordered Dawan to abide by the visitation schedule with Theda or be held in contempt of court. The next scheduled visit was supposed to be on June 14, but by then Christian had disappeared.

Dawan's mother and stepfather got custody of Connor in the aftermath of Christian's disappearance, and he lived with them until 2007, when his grandparents returned him to Theda's care. She has since divorced from her second husband.

Connor shared a room with Christian at the time of Christian's disappearance. When interviewed by police, Connor stated that early in the morning, while it was still dark outside, Dawan entered the room, wrapped Christian in a blanket, carried him out and drove away. Connor's stepsister, who was in her teens at the time, corroborated the statement, saying she thought Dawan left at about 4:00 a.m.

Connor also stated that two days before Christian's disappearance, he noticed his brother's gastric feeding tube was missing. Police found the tube during a search of the Ferguson residence and stated it was covered with bodily fluids, had tool marks on the end, and looked as if it had been forcibly removed.

Connor stated his brother appeared to be very sick and malnourished in the days prior to his disappearance, and moaned continuously. He told Monica about it, and she told him she already knew and to stay away from Christian. When Connor checked on his brother later on, Christian had stopped moaning and his eyes had rolled up in his head.

Authorities believe Dawan neglected Christian's medical needs between March and June 2003, and deliberately allowed him to die of his citrullinemia. They think the child probably died on the night of June 10 and Dawan concealed his body and made up the kidnap story.

It wasn't until October 2019, however, sixteen years after the child's disappearance, that Dawan was charged with Christian's murder. He is awaiting trial.

Christian remains missing and foul play is suspected in his case due to the circumstances involved.
Investigating Agency / Department

St. Louis Police Department 314-444-5620

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